Medical Massage

Soft Tissue Manipulation

Throughout history we have mapped out multiple whole-body networks. The two most common networks are the nervous system and circulatory system, but we also have the fibrous fascial system. Connective tissue, also known as fascia, is special because it is the one part of you that has contact with every other part of you. It is ubiquitous throughout the entire body. In fact, when we look at embryological development we see that the fascial system  originates from the mesoderm 2-3 weeks after conception. Embryologically speaking, the fascial connective tissue system precedes the muscular system, skeletal system, and nervous system. Amazingly, the embryo demonstrates collective behavior, folding and moving coherently like a flock of birds, in spite of not having a nervous, muscular, or skeletal system. We now know that light, water, and fascia orchestrate this beautiful coherent dance.  

The fascial system is a carbon nanotube network that permeates the entire body down to the nucleus of every cell. It is this fascial connective tissue network that creates the three dimensional shape of the body while also acting as a liquid crystal. This crystal allows for body wide communication via light signals and is formed from the relationship between fascial proteins and water.                                  

Fascia is organized into sheets which form continuous myofascial meridians throughout the entire body.  As we work to restore coherence to the sheets of fascia, the body structurally integrates and reorganizes itself in relation to the pull  gravity.