The Art and Science of Therapeutic Information

Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, started developing this holistic system in the late 1700s. Homeopathy is the art and science of using information quanta through the application of minimal doses and the law of similars. Naturopathic Resources utilizes potentized tinctures as well as electronic homeopathy via Harmonic Translation system and the Inergetix CoRe system. 

Homeopathy can be thought of as a natural form of therapeutic information. In this technique, a solution containing a medicinal substance is diluted past the point of there being any material substance left in the solution. This solution is then used as a remedy. The efficacy of homeopathy has been demonstrated for over 150 years.

The CoRe System is used to analyze a person's informational field. This type of analysis allows us to better understand our client's personal context. The Inergetix-CoRe System consists of a pattern generator, which is a database of testable items and statistical analysis software that scans the generated pattern for repeating patterns. These patterns serve as pointers to individual items in the database. A higher rate of coincidence of a particular pattern is interpreted as a higher resonance of the associated item. The system is recreating what happens all the time in our world of perception. For example, when we read, we see a certain pattern of letters which we call a word and this word points to some item. If we see a specific word (pattern) recurring more frequently, we can generally assume that this word and with it the associated item has a higher significance in this context.

The Harmonic Translation System began as a research project in the mid 1980s. The term "harmonic translation" refers to the literal translation of biological patterns of information into harmonic shifts of sound. Biological information becomes coded into the shift from one musical note to another. The information is not contained in the notes themselves but in the relationship of one note to the next. 

An analogy to computer technology is useful. If you have a complex computer system that is malfunctioning, the problem is most often because information in the system has become corrupted or is missing. This means that a critical piece of information has been lost, scrambled or somehow replaced with the wrong information. The system is fixed when the critical information is reinstalled in the system. Sometimes, because of damage done by the corrupted information, new remedial information or instructions must be added as well. This is similar to what harmonic translation is doing.

To understand what harmonic translation is and how it works, we must first understand the basic concepts this technology is based upon. First off is the idea of therapeutic information. Most of us are used to thinking of remedies as a substance. This could be an herb, a mineral, a chemical, or some biological material. Different types of energy can be therapeutic as well. These energies could be in the form of light, sound, radio waves and so on. When it comes to information, we are accustomed to thinking about it as being carried by a medium - information written on a piece of paper or information carried on a radio signal. Only in the last few decades, with the advent of personal computers, have most of us been able for the first time to think of information as a thing all by itself. We hear constantly about information technology, we are told that we live in the information age, and now we come to therapeutic information, a logical extension in our understanding of the nature of all things.