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holistic medicine, supplements, alternative healthcare, naturopathy, nutrition, vitamins

Clinical Nutrition

We offer individualized nutrition protocols, supplement regimens, and biochemical analysis.

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medical massage, soft tissue manipulation, body readings myofascial release, structural integration

Medical Massage

 Postural body reading assessments, myofascial release, and structural reorganization.   

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accupressure, holistic, chinese medicine, hara evaluations, meridian assessments, shiatsu


 Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian assessments, custom acupressure release sequences, and hara evaluations. 

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holistic medicine, Therapeutic Clay Mud Packs, alternative healthcare, naturopathy, nutrition

Therapeutic Clay Mud Packs

Remediate old scar trauma interference fields that sedate organs, glands, and joints. 

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holistic medicine, alternative healthcare, QRA, organ and gland control points.  Quantum reflex

Quantum Reflex Analysis

 QRA is a highly effective system for testing the body’s main organ and gland control points.  

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homeopathy, remedies, alternative healthcare, homeopathic, holistic, natural, information quanta


 The art and science of using information quanta via minimal doses and the law of similars. 

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biohack, mitochondria, black swan, mitochondriac, bioenergetics, environment, energetics

Mitochondriac Training


Optimizing bioenergetics with mitochondrial biohacks and house call assessments to identify environmental stressors.

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Electrophotonic Imaging

A non-intrusive way to measure stress levels using a specialized Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) camera and software system.

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